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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Chikodi Pincode / Post Office Search (BELGAUM, Karnataka)

Adi B.O 591215ChikodiKarnataka
Akol S.O 591211ChikodiKarnataka
Ankali S.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Appachiwadi B.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka
Arjunnagar B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Bambalwad B.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Barwad B.O 591215ChikodiKarnataka
Bedkihal S.O 591214ChikodiKarnataka
Belkud B.O 591222ChikodiKarnataka
Benadi S.O 591215ChikodiKarnataka
Bhivashi B.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka
Bhoj S.O 591263ChikodiKarnataka
Chandur B.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Chikalwal B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Chikodi Bazar S.O 591201ChikodiKarnataka
Chikodi H.O 591201ChikodiKarnataka
Chikodi Road B.O 591222ChikodiKarnataka
Chinchani B.O 591287ChikodiKarnataka
Dhonewadi B.O 591263ChikodiKarnataka
Dhulaganwadi B.O 591238ChikodiKarnataka
Galataga S.O 591219ChikodiKarnataka
Gondikuppi B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Hadnal B.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka
Hattarwat B.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Hirekudi B.O 591247ChikodiKarnataka
Hunnargi B.O 591215ChikodiKarnataka
Ingali B.O 591242ChikodiKarnataka
Jainapur B.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Janwad B.O 591216ChikodiKarnataka
Jatrat B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Jodkurli B.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Kabbur S.O 591222ChikodiKarnataka
Kadapur B.O 591247ChikodiKarnataka
Kallol B.O 591244ChikodiKarnataka
Karadaga B.O 591263ChikodiKarnataka
Karagaon B.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Karoshi S.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Kerur B.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Khadaklat S.O 591228ChikodiKarnataka
Kodni B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Kognoli S.O 591229ChikodiKarnataka
Kothali S.O 591287ChikodiKarnataka
Kunnur B.O 591215ChikodiKarnataka
Kurli B.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka
Kuthali B.O 591287ChikodiKarnataka
Lakhanapur B.O 591211ChikodiKarnataka
Malikwad B.O 591244ChikodiKarnataka
Mamadapur K L B.O 591211ChikodiKarnataka
Mangur B.O 591215ChikodiKarnataka
Manjari B.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Mankapur B.O 591216ChikodiKarnataka
Mattiwade B.O 591229ChikodiKarnataka
Mugali B.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Nagarmunoli B.O 591222ChikodiKarnataka
Nagnur B.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka
Nagral B.O 591247ChikodiKarnataka
Nainglaj B.O 591238ChikodiKarnataka
Nanadi B.O 591244ChikodiKarnataka
Navalihal B.O 591287ChikodiKarnataka
Nej B.O 591239ChikodiKarnataka
Nipani Bazar B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Nipani Malbag B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Nipani S.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Padlihal B.O 591211ChikodiKarnataka
Pangire (A) B.O 591211ChikodiKarnataka
Pangire (B) B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Pattankudi S.O 591238ChikodiKarnataka
Rampur B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Sadalga S.O 591239ChikodiKarnataka
Sankanwadi B.O 591228ChikodiKarnataka
Saundalga S.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka
Shamanewadi B.O 591214ChikodiKarnataka
Shendur B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Shiradwad B.O 591214ChikodiKarnataka
Shirgaon B.O 591214ChikodiKarnataka
Shirguppi B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Siddapurwadi B.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Sidnal B.O 591211ChikodiKarnataka
Sulgaon B.O 591229ChikodiKarnataka
Tavandi B.O 591237ChikodiKarnataka
Umarani B.O 591222ChikodiKarnataka
Vadral B.O 591226ChikodiKarnataka
Vijaynagar B.O 591222ChikodiKarnataka
Walki B.O 591238ChikodiKarnataka
Yadur B.O 591213ChikodiKarnataka
Yaksamba S.O 591244ChikodiKarnataka
Yamagarni B.O 591241ChikodiKarnataka

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